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Specializing in Lake City 300 Blackout & Reloading Brass for over a Decade!!!

"As seen on The Truth About Guns & American Shooting Journal"

We pride ourselves on FAST SHIPPING via USPS Priority Mail and orders go out the same or next day on most items, and Great Customer Service and Communication!!!


**As always FREE Magazine Band with all Blackout Brass purchases**

Contact via email [email protected] or website www


*- 300 Blackout Lake City $139/500 

*- .223/5.56 FEDERAL police Range Brass $99/k (unprocessed, polished)

*- .308/7.62x51 brass $119/500 OR $23/100*

*- MEGA BOX 3,000 PIECES of 40 S&W $89* 

*- 9mm Police Range Brass (Mainly Winchester/WMA) $55/k

*- .223 5/56 NATO Magazine Bands, 300 Blk & Subsonic Bands $7/4 pack


*- .380 Pistol brass $55/1000

**7.62x39 $125/500 (several hundred avail boxer primer) SOLD OUT

* 45 ACP $70/k (SOLD OUT)

Miscellaneous brass, uncleaned range fired condition...

Contact via email to order the following below  [email protected]

*260 ACK IMP $3 (5 pcs)*

*358 WIN MAG $3 (8 PCS)*

* 460 S&W $2 (8pcs) *

* 7.5x54 $3 (6pcs) *


We offer .223/5.56 to 300 Blackout Conversion Services. We charge $.15 each. They are fully processed (swaged, deprimed, trimmed, and sized, and polished) and we usually have a few day turnaround from the day we receive it. We will do any headstamp you like as long as they are boxer primed* (TAA,GFL, ICC, S&B, IMI, LAPUA,  are too thick and do not make good 300 brass, FC military also tends to be thicker depending on your chamber you may need to chamfer the brass, but the commercial FC is ok) All you need to do is mail the brass to us and we take it from there, we bill you based on the finished count when we are done making it, plus shipping back. It's that easy!!!

* We do charge $3 each for broken decapping pins. Please check your brass for all boxer primer, and make sure they are all .223/5.56 please don't send pistol brass and loaded ammo in with the brass.

To Place and order please click on the WEB STORE tab at the top right or this link, if the site gives you any technical issues please always feel free to email us to [email protected] or give us a call anytime (843)338-8711/8689 we are happy to return phone calls or process email orders.

We accept Credit Cards via Paypal on our webstore but we also take credit card as well as money order or check if you like to use any of those just shoot us an email or give us a call.