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Specializing in Lake City 300 Blackout & Reloading Brass for over a Decade!!!

"As seen on The Truth About Guns & American Shooting Journal"

TURNKEY DILLON 550c Press with 33k primers and 65+ pounds of powder..... FACE TO FACE, Beaufort SC 29920.  

Will include all of the following pieces. Face to Face Only. Will not ship primers or powder.  NOT splitting powders or primers off.  If you want the primers and powder together I will sell them but not separately.

Will separate into 5 different options: (plus shipping HAZMAT not being shipped)

Complete turnkey setup ALL listed below $9,500

Press w Chargemasterr and all dies,  conversions extra parts, manuals etc $2,000

Press with Chargemaster and all dies, manuals and brass $2900

Powder & Primers ONLY 33k primers and 65+# powder $5,000

Projectiles Whole Lot $2200


Manual Hornady 9th Cartridge Reloading Manual 1

Manual Lyman 46th Reloading Manual 1


Universal Lee Universal Decapping Die 1

30-06 Forster 30-06 Neck Sizing Die 1

303 British Lee 303 British Die Set 1

45 Colt Lee 45 Colt die Set 1

44 Spl/ 44 Mag Lee 44 Special / 44 Mag Die Set 1

300 AAC Blackout Forster 300 Blackout Competition Seating Die 1

30-06 RCBS 30-06 Die Set 1

380 Auto Dillon 380 Auto Carbide Die Set 1

223 Dillon 223 Carbide 2 die Set (missing sizing die) 1

9mm Dillon 9mm Carbide 3 Die Set 1

38 special / 357 Dillon 38spl/357 3 Die Set 1


Primer Dillon Super Swage 600 (small primer swage rod and large primer rod) 1


Universal Hornady One Shot Lube 2

Dillon 550

Press Dillon 550c Reloading Press w/ Bullet holder, Tool Kit, and Stong Mount & LED Light Kit 1

Toolheads Dillon 550 factory tool heads (7 standard and one gold colored) 8

Powder Die Dillon Universal Powder Die for Powder measure or Funnel 7

Lock Nuts Dillon & Forster Die Lock Nuts 20

380 Dillon 380 Auto 550 Conversion Kit 1

9mm Dillon 9mm 550 Conversion Kit 1

38 special / 357 Dillon 38 special / 357 550 Conversion Kit 1

7.62x39 Dillon 7.62x39 550 Conversion Kit 1

30-06 Dillon 30-06 550 Conversion Kit 1

223 Dillon .223 /5.56 550 Conversion Kit 1

Primer tubes Dillon Small Primer Tubes 8

Primer tubes Dillon Large Primer Tubes 4

Power Measure Dillon Auto Powder Measure 3

Powder Measure

Powder Measure Lee Powder Dipper Kit 1

Powder Measure RCBC Chargemaster 1500 Auto Powder Drop w/ Scale 1


Plastic Ammo box MTM E50 Large Series Plastic Ammo Boxes (50 count) fits up to 44 mag 10

Plastic Ammo box Cabellas 9mm 100 round Plastic Clear Ammo Box 3

Plastic Ammo box Cabellas .223 100 round Plastic Clear Ammo Box 4

Plastic Ammo box Misc Brand .223 50 round Plastic Ammo Box 2

Cardboard Ammo Box Midway USA Factory Style Cardboard Ammo box w Styrofoam Inserts - 38spl/457 46

Cardboard Ammo Box Midway USA Factory Style Cardboard Ammo box w Styrofoam Inserts - 9mm 25

Cardboard Ammo Box Midway USA Factory Style Cardboard Ammo box w Styrofoam Inserts - 44 spl/ 45 colt 25

Brass Casings Approximate Quantities

Fired Brass - Unprocessed 7.62x39 AK 1x Fired Brass Nickel 50

Fired Brass - Unprocessed 7.62x39 AK 1x Fired Brass Norma Headstamp 500

New Brass 44 Special - Starline Brass 500

Fired Brass- Processed 300 Blackout Converted Brass Fully Processed Ready to Load 500

New Brass 30-06 Winchester Headstamp new in Bag 44

Fired Brass - Unprocessed 9mm Mixed Headstamps 1x fired Police Range Brass 8000

Fired Brass - Unprocessed 30-06 Winchester Mixed headstamp 1x fired 200

Fired Brass - Unprocessed 45 ACP 1x fired Nickel 200

New Brass 303 British PRVI Headstamp new in bag 100

Fired Brass - Unprocessed .380 auto Mixed 1x fired 3000


9mm .355 124gr RMR MPR Multipurpose (Hornady XTP clone) 6500

7.62x39 .310 123gr Hornady ZMax Zombie Green Polymer Tipped 288

38 special / 357 .358 158gr Missouri Bullets "357 Action" SWC hi Tec Coated Lead 200

44 Special .430 240gr Missouri Bullets "Cowboy #13" hi Tec Coated Lead 500

380 Auto .355 90gr Hornady XTP 600

223 .224 50gr Hornady Zmax Green Polymer Tip 1000

223 .224 62gr Hornady Lead Core FMJ 6000

380 auto .356 100gr Lee hardcast bullets from wheel weight coated in Lee Alox Lube 500

3030 British .311 150gr PRVI SP BT softpoint boat tail 100

380 .356 95gr Winchester FMJ New In Bag 100

308 / 30-06 .308 150gr Remington Soft Point PSPCL W/ Canelure 400

45 Auto .452 220g Berrys Bullets FMJ 27

45 Colt .452 250gr Berrys Bullets Flat Point #00217 500

300 Blackout / .308 .308 110gr Nosler Varmageddon FB Polymer Tipped 500


New Powder Hodgdon Titegroup 8# Jug 2

Parital Powder Jug Hodgdon Titegroup 1# 3

New Powder Hodgdon Titegroup 4# Jug 1

New Powder Hodgdon H335 8# Jug 3

New Powder Hodgdon H335 1# Jug 3

Parital Powder Jug Hodgdon H335 1# Jug 0.25

New Powder Hodgdon H110 8# Jug 1

New Powder Hodgdon H110 1# Jug 1

Parital Powder Jug Hodgdon H110 1# Jug 0.25

New Powder Bullseye 1# Jug 5

New Powder Unique - Vintage Metal 4# Keg 1

Parital Powder Jug Reloader 15 1# Jug 0.25

New Powder IMR 4759 1# Jug 1


CCI CCi Small Rifle Primer #400 1900

CCI CCI Small Rifle Magnum Primer #450 4000

CCI CCI Small Rifle Primer #41 Military 4000

Winchester Winchester WLR Large Rifle Primer 2000

CCI CCI Large Rifle Primer #200 1000

Remington Remington 6 1/2 Small Rifle Primer 3000

Federal Federal Gold Medal Match Small Rifle Primer GM205M 6000

Federal Federal Gold Medal Match Small Pistol Primer GM100M 4000

Winchester Winchester Small Pistol Primer Vintage White Box Logo 2000

CCI CCI Small Pistol Primer #500 5000

CCI CCI Large Pistol Primer #300 300


We like to keep our business small, and simple. We are a husband and wife two man operation. We have been featured in The Truth About Guns website, which might give you an idea of the high quality standard we like to keep. When you contact us you WILL speak with either Jayme or John. We always reply to emails the same day, if not within a couple hours. We want to provide a high quality Brass and Reloading supplies, for a reasonable price, so people can still afford to participate in one of their favorite hobbies!






If you need anything gun or reloading related and you don't see it listed for sale on our page please contact us and we are happy to price it for you ..... You need it we can find it!!!

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