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Reloading Ritual

Posted on August 9, 2018 at 12:55 AM

For us in SC we really get 2 seasons, Warm and Cold...

During the warm season we moslty try and get to the beach or any other form of water we can find.  Save up some money and get ready for huntin season.  

Hunting season begins in August here but we really get going Mid September/October when the weather is beautiful.  So what do we load?

We hunt deer here and run 300 blackout, our friends run anthing from 270 to 308, with the occassional 30-06 still going out there in the field.  Why do we run 300?  Its a combination of light weight and compact size using our AR and the fact that we have limited visibility and shorter shots than most places in the country due to woodlands.  Almost everyhting is inside of 200yds and 75% of that is within 100.  Our deer are like grown up dogs with tall legs often around 90-100 for does and 125-150 for Bucks thogh that depends on rut.  We run 110g Barnes, and have many others who run 125g tipped bullets. 

So what we do late August is inventory....

Then we load what we need if we are short, and we slow down on pistol loads because most our time will be spent behinf the rifle.  

When the season ends Jan 1 we go back to pistol loading and spend time at the range enjoying ourselves.  

What do y'all do during a years time?

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Reply Keane
7:05 PM on January 13, 2019 
Unfortunately, I didn't have a place (or much time) to hunt this season. We just started "urban archery season", so maybe I'll get a chance to get up in a tree in this last month of deer season for 2018-2019. Best wishes to the Bowman family for the coming year!
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