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Specializing in Lake City 300 Blackout & Reloading Brass for over a Decade!!!

"As seen on The Truth About Guns & American Shooting Journal"

Customer Testimonials

Article written on The Truth About Guns:



                                                                                                                                                      -Jim Barrett

Article written in American Shooting Journal p.167-169 Published June 2016                                                                      - Troy Taysom

You can't go wrong buying from John and Jayme. I have ordered from them multiple times. Never received a junk piece of brass. Customer service the way it used to be. Fast shipping, just all around good people. Just received my 300 Blackout brass and this stuff is excellent, good quality products and go out of their way to get you what you need. Thanks for the continued great service!                                      Bill B, Ohio

This company is the greatest...both Jayme and John are the ultimate customer service people...willing to talk about their products and answer any questions you might have...they have helped me with any reloading issues I have had with my 300 BLK loads and are always available to notch couple and company...wish I lived closer...they are my go to for all my rifle brass and will soon be my go to for pistol brass...Thanks you guys!!!!                                                                                                             Chuck W.

Received my first ever order of 7.62 x 39 cases from CB this morning. Their quality, pricing, and fast shipping can't be matched by other brass sellers I have dealt with. Thank You! I will be telling all of my handloader friends to check out CB. I won't be buying from other brass suppliers for any of my case needs for the calibers CB stocks Period! Thank you John and Jayme.                                  Jeff Metler, New York

Absolutely, without a doubt, hands down, second to none, the BEST brass you can find ANYWHERE!!! The quality of the brass, along with the Bowman's attention to customer service, is unbeatable. If these folks don't have the brass I need, I'll gladly wait until they DO have it. It's a "NO BRAINER" to do your trading with John and Jayme. And that's the honest truth, too.                                                             Ren N, Texas

I have I've had the worlds best experience with CB. I'm very new to reloading. Stumbled upon them through a google search found some .300 brass placed my order. Got an follow up email form an actual person! I had several questions about reloading that I just wasn't 100% sure on. Spoke with John over 15-20 emails giving me tips, answering a questions, suggesting load data. You won't find a better company. Helped me out so much.                                                                                                                          Marlen H, Florida

I've been reloading since the early 70's and know the value of good case prep which takes a lot of time. With Carolina Brass 300 Blackout I have found through a lot of evaluation that all I have to do is "prime and load". LOVE this brass. Thanks for a great product.

                                                                                                                                        John Ellis, Tennessee

I just so happened to come across Carolina Brass and thought I would try them. The pricing was the best I have found and the service was second to none. I Would highly recommend this company and definitely will continue to purchase from them. I am glad that there are still companies out there like C.B

                                                                                                                                                    John S, Texas

My dad and I have been shooting and reloading our own for years now, We are always looking for new once fired brass. I found this web sight one day called Carolina Brass, and like what I saw and what I read. I placed an order for 300 blackout, and when it arrived I was amazed on the quality. My second order was for 9mm, and 45acp, placed on the phone with Jayme, it was a pleasure talking with her. Jayme went beyond costumer service to help us out. I will be ordering all of my brass form here for now on. Thank you very much..:)

                                                                                                                                                Clayton, Indiana

Had the opportunity today to meet John and Jayme Bowman and purchase some 300 BLK casings and .308 projectiles at their facility. They are awesome and the most down-to-earth folks as you'll ever meet. I believe what they process and sell is the best value, period. Will buy what I need only from them. Thanks.

                                                                                                                                                 Pete P., VIrginia

Good company. Trustworthy and excellent service. Salt of the earth! Would highly recommend them for quality and service. Nice people.

                                                                                                                                               Dale S. , Missouri

My first order from this company was excellent. They sell excellent brass for a good price with great shipping. I will be ordering a lot more from here. Have also recommended to other friends and family!

                                                                                                                                               Dustin, Louisiana

Hadn't heard of these guys before, decided to take the gamble. Received shipment notice quickly and the package arrived faster than expected. Not only that, the 1952 Lake City brass looked brand new! I'll order from these guys again.                                                                                                           Craig, Utah

Super fast response to questions, extremely fast filling/shipping/receiving order. Great quality projectiles (.308) and casings (300 BLK and .308). Second of many more orders to come. Thanks.

                                                                                                                                             W. Pierce, Virginia

I ordered my first brass on 4/26(7:30am) and it surprisingly arrived at my office 4/28 (10:30am)...Two Days , REALLY!!??...Being a small business owner myself where customer service and a quality product(Brass looks almost factory new) , is still King....I was impressed to "receive it as a customer" on my first try...It won't be may last.... Thanks!                                                                                     Sam Hathcock , Alabama

Nothing but the best to say of Carolina Brass. I live in Indiana and placed an order on Saturday. My perfectly formed 300 blackout Lake City arrived on Tuesday. Say it here like I tell my gun buddies, you need brass check these guys out first. Thanks Jot (your guaranteed repeat customer)                        Joe, Indiana

Ordered some Blackout brass, the as received condition and dimensions were spot on. I was really surprised to see this quality knowing that the order was previously used brass. Thanks for the fast response.                                                                                                                                    Steve, Virginia

I have now purchased 3,000 plus rounds of brass, and it has all been wonderful ! The customer service is very outstanding ! The communication is the best I have had with any company out there. Thank you!

                                                                                                                                                 Rick Love, Iowa

I am nothing but pleased with Carolina Brass' projectiles and reloading brass. The fact that I can simply buy, reload, and not be concerned with a case not chambering is well worth the money (it helps that I don't have to process the brass!) Jayme and John are always helpful. I was mistakingly sent an incorrect order. I called them to see what happened and they were lightning fast in correcting the order.( I elected to keep the mistake and pay for it too). The honesty and integrity of these folks raises the bar for sure. I am on my third order of reloaders packs from them and I will continue to do business with them... right now, I have some loading to do so I can make another purchase from Carolina Brass!!

                                                                                                                                                           Ryan, GA

(Below, One of our funniest testimonials yet)!!!

Being the optimistic pessimist that I am (always 100% sure things will go south) after I stumbled onto Carolina Brass and looking at the shiny pics I decided the price was good enough to cause me to stop forming my own if all went well.

Imagine my disappointment in NOT being disappointed when my stuff arrived. I kept looking at it and thinking "this can't be right" and then it hit me....damn right I was looked better than the pictures. False advertising. So then I counted it.....HA! Once again, a "problem"....I had paid for 100 cases!!!! I did not get 100 cases!!!! I got 106 perfect cases!!!!! That is just wrong! It will cost me 6 bucks to send the extras back. :)

All kidding aside John and Jayme are "the best" and the brass was perfect!

                                                                                                                                            Ed, South Carolina

I emailed John and Jayme to ask a question about inventory availability and they responded literally within minutes to each of my 2-3 emails. They went way beyond to get me the brass I was looking for and I had my order completed before I knew it. On top of that they refunded me $1 that they overcharged for shipping...are you kidding, who does that? This is not just a great brass company, it's a great American company. If you need brass or anything else they offer please give them your support. Thanks again John and Jayme

                                                                                                                                                          -Bob, Utah

Your brass runs like a sewing machine! Great job!

                                                                                                                                                  -Robert, Alaska

Finding just the right scope can be difficult, but when I found it for the best price on the entire Internet from Carolina Brass, well, that was a bonus. Very personal customer service, smooth transaction, great email contact and followups, along with shipping update. This was my first time doing business with Carolina Brass and it was great. I've already recommended Carolina Brass to my shooting buddies. Thank you! -                                                                                                                                                            Steve Garcia

I ordered 250 rounds of 7.62x40WT brass from Carolina Brass, I got plenty of extra's. All pieces are of the highest quality and loaded perfectly. The transaction was easy and product shipped quickly. I highly recommend Carolina Brass and Jayme was very pleasant to deal with. THANK YOU!

                                                                                                                                             -Cal's Gunsmithing

Have always outstanding products from Carolina. Secure ordering, fast shipping and customer service that is truly beyond belief! My "go to" source for quality brass. Thanks John & Jayme

                                                                                                                                                         - R Tenorio

I ordered some of the .308 brass. It arrived a lot faster than I expected. Very nice looking brass. Some of it went through my reloading dies harder than some of the rest. I found that using PAM as a lubricant worked best on this brass. I received about 25 extra cases with my order. Very Happy

                                                                                                                                                   - Bill, Wyoming

When getting into the great 7.62x40WT AR platform carbine round, nothing beats Carolina Brass! 500 rounds of formed and trimmed brass ready to load. Carolina Brass cases were loaded directly from Carolina Brass and fired. There were no malfunctions and the brass formed perfectly. The brass was annealed here after firing and loaded again and again. So far three reloads on the brass and no signs of trouble. Great buy! Thanks John. I'll be back.

                                                                                                                                                - Robert Morgillo

Extremely fast response to my e- mails, even over thanksgiving weekend ! Jayme was a pleasure to deal with ,even offering 2 pages of load data with my order. Brass was delivered as promised, will definitely be ordering from them again .

                                                                                                                                                     - Jeff Doerner

Can't tell you how pleased I am. Shiny, clean, well cut. Great value as well. Saved me a ton of time. I might have to re-think forming my own brass from now on :)                                                                - Jim Luu

Excellent transaction in every aspect. These guys are all about customer service. Their 300 AAC Blackout brass is of superb quality. You can't go wrong.

                                                                                                                                                   -Jerry Donham

Fast and professional, a pleasure to deal with. Will definitely order again. Brass is of good quality and uniform as described. Excellent seller.

                                                                                                                                                 - Melissa Patton

Got some beautiful 45-70 brass from Carolina Brass. Wow! Deprimed, and sparkling clean inside & out. Their prices are most fair, considering the care they took in processing & packaging. My 1st choice.

                                                                                                                                              - Wally, Wisconsin

My 300 Blackout brass arrived and it looks better than the picture above! I have not yet measured it with the dial calipers but that will happen late tonight when I get home. Thank you for a well packaged box that got here fast! Brass almost looks too pretty to load and shoot!

                                                                                                                                                 - Thorne Parker

Have gone through 5000 rounds of Carolina brass for 300 blackout - makes the process easy with good people, good service, and good product at a great price. I can't see choosing another option.

                                                                                                                                                   - Jimmy

Fast response. Fast shipping. Great looking brass. Awesome folks to work with. The only place you should get brass from.                                                                                                                              -Barry Socia

Great Seller, had fast shipping, and the brass looks new from the factory. Will buy from again.

                                                                                                                                        - Paul, North Carolina

Fast Shipment and Quick Communication! The Brass looks great and was to specification (spot checked). They included some extra bonus brass 'cause they're so awesome!

                                                                                                                                                     -Curtis, Texas

Perfect transaction. Excellent communication, fast shipping, and the brass they are making is beautiful. I'll never make my own 300 Blackout brass as long as I can buy it from them!

                                                                                                                                                       -Clint, Texas

Ordered once fired 7.62 NATO, it was all LC12 and perfectly cleaned with no rejects and plenty of extras. Price is the best I could find on the web and shipping was FAST! Same goes for an order of 150gr .308 FMJ-BT! THANKS!                                                                                                        -John, New Hampshire

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